[comp.sys.ibm-pc] Editing ASCII files w/DisplayWrite4

jnj@mibte.UUCP (Jim Jackson) (04/25/89)

	I am trying to edit an ASCII file with tabs using DisplayWrite 4.
This product from IBM seems to want to convert ASCII files to EBCDIC.
	The best I could do was to:

	1:  Select Create Document option in the DisplayWrite menu.
	2:  Type a new Document name in the Create Document menu.
	3:  Turn off Line Adjust and Reset Format.
	4:  Use GET to insert the REAL document, ASCII option 2.
	5:  Make any corrections.
	6:  GOTO beginning and thru Notepad, select ASCII Copy to File.
	7:  Select the End/Save menu and Quit without Saving (file already
			saved as ASCII in step 6.
	8:  Exit out of DisplayWrite 4.

	The problem is that the new file now has spaces in place of TABS.
Since TABS are used for delimiters in this file, I absolutely NEED to retain
them.  Also, there must be a better way to edit an ASCII file then this hokey
arrangement.  Did IBM really design this editor in a way that you can't even
edit such common files as AUTOEXEC.BAT or CONFIG.SYS?
	Any help would be greatly appreciated, and much thanks in advance.

			Jim Jackson
			Ameritech Applied Technologies
			(313) 424-4109