[comp.terminals.bitgraph] 5620 Software, PIC files

phnch@phuxa.ATT.COM (Courtney Hauth) (09/16/90)

Hello out there in computer land,
     Maybe someone can help me out.  Currently, we are using AT&T
Dot-Matrix Display(DMD) 5620 terminals and software running on an
AT&T 3B20 computer.  The 5620 software set has a primitive
drawing program called 'cip'.  This is a primitive drawing
package that allows you to save your drawing in a file.  The
software is like PC PaintBrush, but as not as sophisticated.  The
software saves the file in a 'pic' format.  You run the file
through 'pic' to get a hard copy.  However, AT&T did not
incorporate this command in the current version of software.  We
have a large number of files in the 'pic' format and no way of
accessing them.  Also, we are replacing this 3B20 computer with a
different Unix box.

     Does anyone out there in computer land know of a different
graphical software package that can manipulate 'pic' format
files?  Another solution could be that the package reads in the
'pic' file and saves it in a different format.  The solution must
be a Unix(System V), use any type of terminals and software. 
Anything on a Sun workstation?  I will entertain any solution.

Thank you for your support. 
Sorry, no smiley faces today.

Courtney Hauth
Network Cable Systems
Phoenix Works