[athena.forsale] C64 system sale

hackeron@athena.mit.edu (Harris L Gilliam) (02/16/89)

                                F O R   S A L E 
                              Commodore 64 system

                           MSD SD-2 Dual Disk Drive
                      With Serial and IEEE-488 connectors

                        Bus Card II Parallel Printer and
                               IEEE-488 Interface 
                        W/ IEEE-488 Cable for Disk drive

                           Commodore 64 Home Computer

                         Amdek Color-I 13" Color Monitor
                           W/ Cable to connect to C64 

                         Total Package Price: $ 500.00
                        Including Shipping and Handling

                       Also Included: Simon's Basic W/ Docs

              Easy Script Word Processor W/ Spelling Checker and Docs

           Approximately 20 Disk full of Software (Games, Copiers, Disk
                   Utilities, Graphics and Sound Progs, etc.) 

                           Spare C64 power Supply


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