[athena.forsale] FOR SALE: SyQuest SQ555 Removable Media Drive

rlcarr@athena.mit.edu (Richard L. Carreiro) (10/05/90)

******************FOR SALE*******************

SyQuest SQ555 Removable Media SCSI Drive
    - 44MB per cartridge
    - Winchester technology
    - 50 pin SCSI connector
    - standard 5.25" half-height form-factor
    - 25ms access time
    - only 10 months old, all docs and packaging included
    - this is an internal drive - no case or power supply

2 SyQuest SQ400 44MB Cartridges for SQ555 drive
    - cases included

I've had no problems with the drive.  I'm selling it to help get $$$
towards an Amiga 3000.

Asking $525 or best offer for drive and cartridges.
Am willing to negotiate.

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