[triangle.graphics] Vehicle Databases Needed

hillc@unc.cs.unc.edu (Chip Hill) (12/21/89)

        >>>>>>>>>> Automobile Databases Needed - Please! <<<<<<<<<<

I am working on a vehicle simulator to use as a demonstration of the
polygon rendering capabilities of our next generation graphics research
machine, Pixel Planes 5, but the only vehicle data I have is the Utah VW.
We would be VERY grateful to anyone who could donate a database to our
cause.  Cars are preferable but 'no reasonable offer will be refused!'
Pointers to the "right" people to contact would also be appreciated.
Thanks a bunch!!!

Chip Hill                                     hillc@sirius.cs.unc.edu
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill    Phone: 919-962-1719
235 Sitterson Hall                            Fax:   919-962-1799