[ut.ee] Cider Seminar - The Amoeba Distributed OS - Friday

dunc@eecg.toronto.edu (Duncan Elliott) (02/08/89)

             Electrical Engineering Computer Group
                     Cider Seminar Series

                  The Amoeba Distributed OS:
                         A Look Inside

                        Duncan Elliott
             Electrical Engineering Computer Group
                     University of Toronto

   Time: Friday, February 10, 1989, 12:05 --- Place: GB 220

       Amoeba is a distributed operating system being developed
  at  the  Vrije  University  in  Amsterdam, and more recently,
  Centrum voor Wiskude en Informatica  and  the  University  of
  Cambridge.   Sparse  capabilities are used for addressing and
  protection in the request-response  oriented  inter-processor
  communication protocol.  The kernel supports multiple threads
  of  control  per  address  space   on   multiprocessors   and
  uniprocessors.   This  talk  will  examine the IPC mechanism,
  fileserver design, and kernel multiprocessor support, with an
  emphasis on performance issues.

                           Coming Soon

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89-2-24   Mike Takefman   BNR: How I Spent My (2 year) Summer Vacation

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