[ut.ee] Seminar April 26th, NETOPT - Prof. Jiri Vlach - U. of Waterloo

ouslis@eecg.toronto.edu (Chris Ouslis) (04/20/89)

         Electrical Engineering Computer Group Seminar

          A program for the design of linear Networks

                     Professor Jiri Vlach
             Department of Electrical Engineering
                    University of Waterloo

    Time: Tuesday, April 25, 1989, 15:30 --- Place: GB 221

     The program NETOPT can analyse linear networks and  can

1.   Frequency domain responses and their  sensitivities  to
     network elements.

2.   Poles,  zeros  and  their  sensitivities   to   network

3.   Group delay and its sensitivity to network elements.

4.   Symbolic functions in terms of the  frequency  variable
     and in terms of up to 8 symbolic elements.

5.   Time responses.

6.   Monte Carlo analysis.

     The program is coupled interactively with an  optimiser
and  can design networks for required amplitude responses in
the pass-band and in the stop-band.   It  can  also  perform
multiobjective  simultaneous  optimization  of amplitude and
group delay responses and can optimise yield in the presence
of element tolerances.

     The lecture will cover some of the  theories  on  which
the program is based and will show applications.