[ut.ee] Cider Seminar

dunc@csri.toronto.edu (Duncan G. Elliott) (07/26/89)

                Electrical Engineering Computer Group
                         Cider Seminar Series

         Asynchronous Message-passing on a Transputer Network

                              Paul Kwan
                Electrical Engineering Computer Group
                        University of Toronto

         Time: Friday, July 28, 1989, 12:05 --- Place: GB 220

       High-performance  INMOS  Transputers  linked  together  form  a
  multicomputer  system.   The  Transputer  is designed to efficiently
  execute OCCAM,  a  high-level  parallel  programming  language.   In
  OCCAM, synchronous message-passing is the only means of interprocess
  communication. A brief description of the Transputer and OCCAM  will
  be given in the first half of this seminar.

       Despite its many good features, the Transputer system  has  two
  major drawbacks.  First, each Transputer node has only four external
  communication links.  When inter-node communication is heavy,  these
  links   become   the   bottleneck.   Second,  it  does  not  support
  asynchronous communication; a  feature  which  is  favorable  for  a
  certain   class   of   application.    To  solve  these  problems  a
  communication system is  proposed.   The  proposed  design  provides
  asynchronous   message-passing   communication,  message  store-and-
  forward, buffering and routing through the Transputer network.   The
  communication  system's  architecture will be presented.  Schemes to
  evaluate the performance of the communication system  will  also  be

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