[ut.ee] The Hurricane File System - Fri 6th : Georg Feil

dunc@eecg.toronto.edu (Duncan Elliott) (09/30/89)

                Electrical Engineering Computer Group
                         Cider Seminar Series

                      The Hurricane File System

                              Georg Feil
                      Dept. of Computer Science
                        University of Toronto

         Time: Friday, Oct. 6, 1989, 12:05 --- Place: GB 248

       The Hurricane File System (HFS)  is  a  distributed,  location-
  transparent  file  system  for Hurricane, a multiprocessor operating
  system being developed as part of U of T's Hector  project.  HFS  is
  distributed  in  the  sense  that it consists of multiple autonomous
  entities  that  communicate  via  message  passing.   It   has   the
  appearance  and  features  of  popular existing file systems such as
  UNIX, with added features and improvements that make it usable in  a
  multiprocessor context. However, we are not restraining ourselves by
  making UNIX compatibility an  explicit  goal.  HFS  is  designed  to
  exploit  the  performance  advantages, fault-tolerance benefits, and
  potential  scalability  that  a  parallel  system  like  Hector  can

       A major part of the  work  has  been  to  construct  a  working
  prototype  of  the  file  system. The prototype runs under UNIX in a
  test configuration that simulates all required aspects of Hector and
  Hurricane,   and   uses   UNIX   to   replace  missing  device-level
  functionality.  A  rather  unconventional   form   of   trace-driven
  simulation  has been set up in this test environment using traces of
  actual file system activity collected by Prof. Songnian  Zhou  while
  he  was at Berkeley. This allows us to evaluate the system and helps
  predict some of its future performance characteristics.

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