[ut.ee] Bill Joy on Workstations

ed@eecg.toronto.edu (Ed Nowicki) (10/04/89)

High Tech Video of the week,

Speaker:	Bill Joy,   of Sun Microsystems
Topic:		The Future of Computing: The Open Systems Imperative
		Bill Joy (alias Mr. Unix 1.1) examines the architecture of
		computer workstations as it has evolved over the past decade.
		He also makes some pretty hairy predictions about the future
		of networking, graphics and operating systems.

SPECIAL FEATURE:    ****  Luxo the acrobatic lamp  ****
		    This is a short demonstration of "realistic animation"
		    as created by the animation King ... Mike van de Panne.

Time:		12:05 Thursday  Oct. 5
Place:		SF1105 - we get to use the new video projection system

Upcoming:	Michael Mahon - HP Precision Architecture

Your Host, Ed