[ut.ee] High Tech Video this Week

ed@eecg.toronto.edu (Ed Nowicki) (10/31/89)

High Tech VIDEO this week,

Speaker:	Dr. William Clinger of Tektronix
Topic:		Compiler Optimization for Symbolic Languages
		Symbolic languages such as Smalltalk, Scheme and Common Lisp
		pose special problems for compilers. New kinds of optimizations
		become important, old optimizations occur in new circumstances,
		and run-time support requires more attention.
		The talk is targeted for those interested in compiler
		construction, principles of programming languages, and
		semantics of programming languages.

Time:		12:05 Thursday Nov 2
Place:		SF1105

   Nov 16 : Dr. Roger Haken - Submicron CMOS Technology Scaling Issues
   Nov 30 : Dr. Roger Haken - Submicron BiCMOS Process Technology

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