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ed@eecg.toronto.edu (Ed Nowicki) (11/13/89)

High Tech VIDEO this week,

Speaker:	Dr. Roger A. Haken of Texas Instruments
Topic:		Submicron CMOS Technology Scaling Issues
		In VLSI design, there are important technical constraints
		to understand when scaling CMOS into the submicron regime.
		In this tutorial, Roger Haken discusses issues such as
		MOS transistor design, isolation technology, latch-up
		prevention, and multi-level interconnect.
		The talk is targeted for 4th Year or graduate students
		who are interested in analog of digital IC design.

Time:		12:05 Thursday Nov 16
Place:		SF1105

   Nov 30 : Dr. Roger Haken - Submicron BiCMOS Process Technology

Your Host, Ed