[ut.ee] Superconductor Thin Films :cider Fri 5 - David Chin

dunc@eecg.toronto.edu (Duncan Elliott) (01/03/90)

                Electrical Engineering Computer Group
                         Cider Seminar Series

                 Fabrication and Characterization of
             High-Temperature Superconductor Thin Films

                              David Chin
                 Department of Electrical Engineering
                             UC Berkeley

         Time: Friday, Jan. 5, 1990, 12:05 --- Place: GB 220

       Superconductive electronic  systems  made  of  high-temperature
  superconducting  materials  would  combine  the  advantages  of high
  operating  speed,  low  power  dissipation,   and   relatively   low
  refrigeration  costs.   High-temperature  superconductive thin films
  are essential to a high-temperature  superconductive  system.  Being
  able  to  fabricate  those thin films with high quality is the first
  step of a  long  journey  towards  high-temperature  superconductive

       We are routinely depositing high-quality in-situ high-Tc YBaCuO
  thin  films  by RF magnetron sputtering from a single stoichiometric
  target using an off-axis configuration. The  as-deposited  films  on
  MgO  and  SrTiO3 substrates are superconducting with Tc(R=0) greater
  than 83 K. The critical current density  of  the  films  exceed  106

       The  films  have  been  characterized  by  various   analytical
  techniques.    Rutherford   backscattering  spectra  show  that  the
  compositions of the films are close to that of the  target.  An  ion
  channeling  experiment shows that films on MgO substrates are highly
  epitaxial. We have determined from X-ray  spectra  and  transmission
  electron micrographs that the films are highly crystallized with the
  c-axis of the orthorhombic crystal perpendicular to the  surface  to
  the films.

       In this talk, the deposition process and analytical  techniques
  of the high-quality superconductor thin films will be discussed.

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