[cu.general] CIA digitized maps of the world wanted.

lqyy@vax5.CIT.CORNELL.EDU (05/17/89)

  I am interested in a set of map coordinate data that originated from
the CIA.  The name of the dataset is the CIA World Databank II.  The
data consist of numerous digitized overlays of the world at various
  The data are evidently available from NTIS in the form of 10 magnetic tapes.
The full data set is approximately 350 megabytes but I would be interested
in subsets as well.
   Does anyone know if these data are available other than through NTIS.
I would be particularly interested in ftp'ing the data rather than
dealing with tapes.

Thanks in advance,

Julian Humphries                             lqyy@vax5.cit.cornell.edu
Section of Ecology and Systematics           lqyy@VAX5CRNL  (BITNET)
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853