[ut.jobs] Graduate Research Assistance Wanted

farshid@cs.utexas.edu (Farshid Arman) (01/26/89)

	Graduate student in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or
	Mathematics sought for research on computation of 3-D 
	structures and motion of objects from image sequences. 

	Required: Strong background in mathematics, especially in computer 
		  solution of polynomial equations. 

	Research will involve theoretical formulation, mathematical analysis
	and computation on the Cray computer. To apply, please send 
	information on your background and experience working with 
	the Cray computer, computer vision, etc. to:

			or:	Dr. N. Nandhakumar
				Computer and Vision Research Center
				Electrical and Computer Engg. Dept.
				ENS 519
				University of Texas at Austin.
				Austin, Tx 78712
				Ph: (512)471-4995