[ut.jobs] Systems Programmer wanted

steiner@rutgers.rutgers.edu (Dave Steiner) (11/29/89)

Rutgers is starting up a Center for Discrete Mathematics and
Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS) and they are looking for a
systems programmer to run their systems.  Currently this consists of a
number of sparc stations and PCs (for the secretaries) including
various printers and networks.  The position will support the user
community which will be made up of Mathematics and Computer Science
professors and other researchers.  The programmer will need to be
maintain the systems, write and/or install needed software, install
(possibly with hardware help) new machines, etc.  This will be the
only systems person for this group.  They would be working closely
with the programmers for MATH and LCSR (Laboratory for Computer
Science Research).  Below is the formal job posting for the position;
don't let the formality of the posting scare you off.  I will try to
answer any questions anyone might have; send them to
steiner@topaz.rutgers.edu (or ...!rutgers!topaz.rutgers.edu!steiner).
As mentioned below, resumes should be sent to

  Ron Lukowicz, Personnel, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ 08855

and include the position number (178) in your cover letter.


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		    Division of Personnel Services
DATE: 11/27/89							DATE: 12/01/89


178. Systems Programmer III
     (Grant Funded)
					Center for Discrete Mathematics/
					Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS)
					Busch Campus

     Salary Range 26 - $32290-43594
     Retirement System - ABP (TIAA/CREF)
     Send resumes to Ron Lukowicz, Personnel, New Brunswick, Ext 3020

     Under the direction of the Center Administrator, creates and
     maintains operating systems for the Center for Discrete
     Mathematics/Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS).  Supports
     applications programming, provides hardware/software planning and
     evaluation, maintains, modifies and creates software, and
     develops programming standards.  Oversees technical education and
     ensures systems efficiency and integrity.  Provides computer and
     teleprocessing hardware evaluations and specialized software
     evaluations.  Assists in planning and implementing proposed
     systems changes.  Analyzes problems and advises management on
     their resolution.  Reviews completed operating systems programs
     for adherence to policy.  Provides guidance in the installation
     and/or conversion of computer operating systems.  Analyzes error
     conditions and confers with vendors regarding deficiencies.
     Evaluates and manages the integration of software provided by
     others.  Advises and instructs computer operations personnel on
     hardware and software operating systems.  Evaluates existing
     computer configuration.  Prepares related reports.

     Requires a bachelor's degree or equivalent combination of
     education and related experience, plus approximately two years
     systems programming experience.  Experience with SUN, IBM PC, X
     terminal hardware, as well as Ethernet, RS232, Ethernet gateway
     terminal server, and TCP/IP teleprocessing systems is also
     required.  A knowledge of TeX document preparation software is

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