[aus.followup] 24 bit colour X servers on Suns.

davidp@labtam.oz (David Purdue) (07/23/90)

First: many thanks to all those who contacted me, including the
one Sun employee who I assume, from the phrasing of his note,
forgot that I am a customer.

Several points arose:

(1) My mistake, the GX is, in fact, an 8 bit frame-buffer; but I still have
    a GXP to contend with.

(2) Many people suggested I look at OpenWindows II. Unfortunately
    Sun has already told me that OpenWindows will not be supported
    on the GXP. Ever.

(3) It seems no-one has tried to port the sample server to the
    GXP. It will run on the GXP if you use a device driver that
    gets the GXP to pretend to be an 8-bit or 1-bit framebuffer.
    As one person noted, that represents something of a waste
    of hardware.

Which seems to only leave these options open:

	- port the sample server myself (if the time can be devoted to that)

	- buy a third party 24-bit framebuffer that has an X port.

	- wait for Sun to release a 24-bit framebuffer with OpenWindows

Thanks once again to all who responded.

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