[orst.next] More Questions

leach@neptune.oce.orst.edu (Tom Leach) (02/05/89)

OK, after bouncing the cube around, I've got a few more questions about
the NeXT OS and Jot.

1) when I delete my mail, I still get .vox and Active.mbox files left
    around.  Are these cleaned up by the 'destroy deleted files' option?  I
    tried it and it didn't but I didn't try real hard.  (rm is easier :-)

2) If I'm logged into another Unix machine and rlogin over to our cube,
    when I exit the rlogin session, the other machines login session
    hangs.  It appears that rlogind doesn't really quit and clean itself
    up when it gets terminated.  This results in having to go in and
    manually kill the normal login session on the (now) hung machine.
    The cube also doesn't clean up it's wtmp file, so a who shows that
    all these dead rlogins are still on the machine.  Anybody know why
    the rlogin's hang?

3) Is it possible to sample the microphone at a rate higher then 8Khz?
    There's a definate lack of stuff for the DSP chip (ack'd by NeXT in
    their documentation) and I'ld like to play with the mike until I can
    get my hands on the DSP.  I've tried sampling at 8Khz and then using
    sfupsample and sfmake but I'm sure that I can get better sound by
    sampling at 44 Khz right off the bat.  Any clues out there?

4) I've indexed about 30 files into Jot.  When I go into Jot and try to
    find the articles relating to, say, printing, I only get 1 or 2 of
    the articles.  when I grep for the same string in my JotFolder, I
    find 10 or so.  Is this related to the problem with the Library not
    finding all occurances of a given word?  Anybody else had this kind
    of problem?

Lastly, has anyone gotten the Optical disk usable by general users?
I've hacked together a way, but it involves making disk, umount, and
mount suid to root :-(, but those programs are only executable by the
group optical.  This is a security hole in that anyone in optical can
trash any disks on the cube.  Anybody have a better way?  If anyone
wants to see how I did it, send email.

Tom Leach

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