[orst.next] writing to a ScrollView

leach@neptune.oce.orst.edu (Tom Leach) (03/06/89)

Has anyone had any luck in writing a string out to a scrollable window?  I've
been trying for about a week to get a large string out to a scrollable
window and I haven't gotten more then 1 line to appear.  

The following is what I'm currently doing...

	extern char *help;   // This is the string I want to write
		(defined as: char *help = "This is a really long string that"
			     "I want to print out in a scrolling window\n";)
	[[helpText docView] setText:help];
	[[helpText window] orderFront:self];
	[[NXApp runModalFor:[helpText window]];
	[[helpText window] orderOut:self];

This will get the first line of my string out to the scrollView.  Unfortunatly,
It clips at the end of the docView and I haven't been able to get it to wrap
around the view.  I've also tried to setCharWrap:YES but that didn't seem to
help the clipping problem.  There's some stuff mentioned in ScrollView.dl, but
it redefines the word terse :-) 

As one attempt to wrapping, I tried to put in newlines at the end of every few
words, then the setText just printed the string out until it came to 
the first newline.  

Has anyone figured this problem out yet?  

Tom leach
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