[ncr.sys.unix] Unmountable disk partitions

tanya@adds.newyork.NCR.COM ( tanya katz ) (11/13/90)

I'm sorry if this is redundant and you have already seen this, but
I have not seen any responses and am trying again.  Someone out
there must have an idea about this?  Please ;-)

I have a partitioned disk on which I want to mark one or more 
partitions as unmountable.

I understand this is currently supported on Unix System V.3 Release 2.
We have Release 1.01 of the Tower 700.    I am assuming that there is 
some part of the bootblock or partition table that holds this information; 
but where?

Can I do this on this version of the O/S?  If so, how?


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src@scuzzy.in-berlin.de (Heiko Blume) (11/16/90)

tanya@adds.newyork.NCR.COM ( tanya katz ) writes:
>I have a partitioned disk on which I want to mark one or more 
>partitions as unmountable.

well, a 'perm=NOMOUNT' in the filesystem's stanza in /etc/partitions
sounds logical, but if you want to be *really* sure that you cannot
mount it even from a boot floppy, i'll be happy to send you a little
superblock editor (:-) so you can change the filesystem type magic number
or whatever you like to make mount fail.
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