[kw.housing] A new, luxurious, 2-story house for rent

dhyhsu@watdragon.waterloo.edu (David Hsu) (11/29/88)

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*************************   HOUSE FOR RENT    ***************************
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	A new, luxurious 3 bedroom, two story house for rent :

	. Located in the North of Scarboro, just north of Steels and
	  east of Kennedy
	. Five minute walk to large shopping mall (SuperCenter)  
        . All large Hi-Tech companies in Markam area with 10 minute 
          driving distance
	. 15 minute drive to Kennedy subway station (So it's about
	  40 minute away from downtown Toronto)
	. 5 minute walk to public school
	. 5 minute walk to bus stops to either subway station or
	  Finch subway.

       	. Appliances: 17 cub. Refrigerator, large Stove, Dryer, Washer,
		      HWT, Humidifier.

	. 3 bedroom on 2nd story : Master bedroom with double windows,
          large closet, and ensuite bath.
          All rooms with new corrugated blinds (biege, gray, and rose color)

	. Extreme large living room  with Chandelier, rose valence and 
          corrugated blinds

	. Family room with fireplace and equipment
	. Hollywood style kitchen walkout to vast backyard
	. Storm Windows, Storm doors, Fenced yard and walkin foyer
	. All ELF's genuine brass lamps

	. Main-floor washroom  (Two other washrooms on 2nd floor)
	. All rooms with new paint and now broadloom, and main floor 
	  hallway and stairs to 2nd story with glamourous runner capet 

	. Newly-paved double-car driveway and double-car garage
	. Gagage with 2-1/2 horse power Stanley automatic opener
	. Newly painted, large basement

	. Doble cable-ready lines, phone jacks everywhere including 
	  every rooms

	. 1390/month + utilities
	. Rent for a year or more	

At or Near Waterloo : Call Joyce at (519)746-4989
		        or email:  dhyhsu@watdragon.waterloo.edu

In Toronto area     : Call Rita at (416)223-1990  (evening)
			or Echo at (416)293-8436  (day and evening)

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