[mi.map] MAP update for site iwblsys

smith@iwblsys.UUCP (Mickey Smith) (01/26/89)

Here is an update for the site iwblsys.

#N	iwblsys
#S	Intel 386/320 System; UNIX V.3.1 Release 2.0
#O	Intel Corp., West Bloomfield, Michigan Sales Office
#C	Mickey Smith
#E	iwblsys!smith
#T	+1 313 851 8096
#P	7071 Orchard Lake Rd., West Bloomfield, MI 48322
#L	42 33 N / 83 27 W city
#R	the sites iwbls2, iwbls1, iwbl310, and snassar are sites connected
#R	via OpenNET to this site.
#W	iwblsys!smith; Wed Jan 24 10:31:00 EST 1989
#U	mibte imsmith
iwblsys	mibte(DIRECT), rel(DIRECT), imsmith(DIRECT), gmi(DEMAND),
        fmsrlx(DEMAND), iwbls2(LOCAL), iwbls1(LOCAL), iwbl310(LOCAL),

Mickey Smith, Regional Software Specialist  | Opinions are my own and not
Intel Corporation                           | that of my employer.
7071 Orchard Lake Road                      |
W. Bloomfield, MI 48332  (313) 851-8096     | So there!!