[triangle.general] MCNC Dial In Number Replaced

sps@magoo.mcnc.org (Stephen Schaefer) (11/03/88)

MCNC will no longer have a modem anwering (919) 248-1880 after Nov.
12, 1988.  Please place all modem calls to (919) 248-1888.  That
number will be answered by a modem with optional MNP IV, auto-bauding
to 2400, 1200, or 300.  If your setup worked before at the old number,
it should work now at the new number.  Mail me with any questions,
	Stephen P. Schaefer, Postmaster	MCNC
	sps@mcnc.org			P.O. Box 12889
	...!mcnc!sps			RTP, NC 27709