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nerd@percival.UUCP (Michael Galassi) (10/30/88)

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#N	percival
#S	Tektronix 6210; UTek v2.1
#O	Percy's UNIX, Portland, OR
#C	Michael N. Galassi
#E	percival!postmaster
#T	+1 503 236 0305
#P	POB 13697, Portland, OR 97230
#L	45 31 N / 122 39 W
#R	This is a privately owned and operated system for semi-public use
#U	tektronix littlei qiclab parsely omen lakeoz casper fryepro bucket
#U	agora escargot
#W	percival!nerd (Michael N. Galassi); Tue Oct 30 02:05:10 PST 1988
	tektronix(DEMAND), nosun(DEMAND), hombre(DEMAND), tessi(DEMAND),
	icus(DEMAND), reed(DEMAND), agora(DEMAND), parsely(DEMAND),
	qiclab(DEMAND), omen(DEMAND), bucket(DEMAND), casper(DEMAND),
	enky(DEMAND), escargot(DEMAND), kjvw(HOURLY), safari(HOURLY),
	3cpu(DAILY), amnesia(DAILY), argent(DAILY), hackervax(DAILY),
	bakwatr(DAILY), celene(DAILY), fryepro(EVENING), lakeoz(EVENING),
	littlei(EVENING), fryeprod(EVENING), frye-eng(WEEKLY), lsys(WEEKLY)
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        Michael Galassi     | If my opinions happen to be the same as
...!tektronix!percival!nerd | my employer's it is ONLY a coincidence,
...!sun!nosun!percival!nerd | of course coincidences OFTEN DO happen.