[pdx.computing] Wanted: Info on upgrading EPROMS in Epson FX80 - Aftermarket EPROMS?

bradr@tekig5.PEN.TEK.COM (Bradley D Reed) (04/26/91)

I am using an Epson FX80 with an IBM AT and would like to be able to print
those "funny" characters with the Print Screen key.  

I have seen reference to "Dresselhaus's replacement ROMs" which provide 
"FX86e functionality".  I assume that this includes "IBM printer emulation".  
Could someone please tell me more?  

In the March 1991 issue of Computer shopper, Central Computer Products 
lists "Dots Perfect(Epson MX, FX, RX, JX Upgrade Chip)...$69".  Does anyone
know anything about this?  A magazine review or article would also be nice.

As an alternative, how about a program to download the "IBM" character set
into the FX80?

Any help would be appreciated.


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