[bit.listserv.minix-l] Establishing a UUCP site.

sobh@grasp.cis.upenn.edu (Tarek M. Sobh) (11/22/90)

Hi netters,

I would like to ask how can one "make" a UUCP site, in particular, I have
a PC and a modem, is it possible to have my home computer as a UUCP site ?
What are the software, OS, tools .. etc that are needed to do that, What 
are the costs incurred before and after establishing the site ?

I would appreciate it if you can reply by email, I will post a summary
to the net.

Thanks in advance.

Tarek M. Sobh                                         sobh@grasp.cis.upenn.edu
Computer and Information Science Dept.              University of Pennsylvania