[rec.arts.tv.soaps] And Our Saga Continues....

hb@uvaarpa.virginia.edu (Hank Bovis) (01/20/90)

In article <33431@iuvax.cs.indiana.edu> guthrie@silver.ucs.indiana.edu (Steve and Beth) writes:
>Please ... do not send anything that does not concern soap
>operas to rec.arts.tv.soaps.  

Uh, you mean *TV* soap operas, right???

Honest to Diane, Beth, if you can't recognize a soap opera when you're
one of the actors, there's just...

    No Hope <sniffle>.... for you.... <sniffle>.... at all.... <SOB>

>Either post to the appropriate news group, or email it.
>If you aren't aware of net.policy, please consult news.newusers.

Yes, Yes!!

Please note that the "official" USENET group for mindless, inane
flames about news group appropriateness is news.groups....

So please note the followup line and let's try to avoid cluttering up
the alt net in future, ok????

Thanks so much....

Hank Bovis (hb@Virginia.EDU, hb@Virginia.BITNET)