[fj.windows.x] Another problem in XtDispatchEvent

yuki@rei.stars.flab.Fujitsu.JUNET (Hiroyuki YOSHIDA) (10/24/88)

When a button is pressed on a non-widget window, XtDispatchEvent may 
cause a segmentation fault.

In such a case, XtDispatchEvent will try to dispatch the event to a 
modal widget. However, if it can't find any appropriate widget 
(especially when the modal cascade is empty), it *continues* the usual 
process. Then, an access to the corresponding widget will cause a 
segmentation fault. 

Is this a bug or a feature? Am I to blame for it?

I want to allow my users to specify dynamic resizing of subwindows. 
Of course, I could leave it to the window manager. But, since I hate 
to allow them to move, hide, or iconify subwindows, I wrote my own 
code which used XDrawSegments to draw the skeleton of a subwindow. An 
extra click before erasing the skeleton causes that problem. 
Hiroyuki Yoshida