[fj.windows.x] xdm => bug

harkcom@potato.pa.Yokogawa.CO.JP (Alton Harkcom) (08/16/90)

   It may just be something that was overlooked or was thought to be
unneccesary ( => insect). Or it may just be a mistake ( => bug).

   I recently started using xdm. At first I thought "no problem, I can
put up with the changes". Now I see that it is more than a minor change.
xdm doesn't read the 'login' file when it logs in a user. This makes for
some nasty complaints from the users.

   I have put most of the stuff from my login file into the xsession
file and the rest into cshrc file. But then there arises a problem of
using bourne shells or kourne shells or whatever-you-call-them shells.
There is also the problem of users who want things to be left the way
they are "because thats the way they are".

   Anybody got a solution or should I just trash xdm and take the flak.
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