[pubnet.nixpub] ANONIX: Publicly accessable Anonomous UUCP File Transfer Sites

mikej@cpmain.UUCP (Michael R. Johnston) (09/30/88)

                              =-=- ANONIX -=-=

           Publicly accessable anonomous UUCP file transfer sites

                September 30, 1988           10 Sites Listed

Site      Number       Baud    Login   Password   Hours    Archive     
osu-cis   614-292-5111  24     Uanon               24      ~/GNU.how-to-get
          614-292-1152  12
We carry all GNU software, most news and PD mail software, and a mountain of 
other stuff as well. 

beowulf   518-482-9228  24     uucp                24       ~uucp/index
Anon uucppublic files are primarily dedicated to Tandy 6000 and Model 100
software not found elsewhere. 

dsinc     215-938-0470  12-96  anonuucp            11p-6a    ~/dir
Dsinc is the coordinating site for the elm development and testing group.
dsinc also supports an archive server which can provide the list of files
available for anon. uucp.  Send a message to archive-server@dsinc.UUCP
for details.  Send the message "send anon dir" for a directory of files.

nucleus   313-623-6309  12/24   nuucp               24      /usr/src/listing
Users should retrieve /usr/src/LISTING and /usr/src/SOFTWARE for a list
of files and descriptions. Some software is not online but may be
accessed off of tape. Send mail to jeff@nucleus.UUCP for details.
Nucleus is not PC Pursuitable.

aeras     408-943-9152   3/12   uugarch   freebee   24      /u3/archive/sources/LISTING
          408-943-9396   12-96  
          408-943-9396   12/24   
Don't try to use wild cards.  Archiving comp.sources.{unix, unix.x, games,
misc }.  Some volumes may not be complete. If you find truncated files, or
missing files, please send me mail with the file names.  I will try and locate
said files, or in the case of truncated ones; remove them if I can't.

ncc       403-425-0342    24    nuucp               6p-6a  ~ftp/INDEX
Repository for various bits of GNU. Some USENET related software (latest
version of bnews/nntp/tmnn, Rand MH mailer, ...) Various other goodies I
decide to put there - see the index.

van-bc    604-939-4782    12-96 nuucp   nuucp        24    ~uucp/index
          604-939-4756    24    
Source to uupc, a pc based uucp system. Available for Macintosh, IBM PC,
Amiga and Atari ST.

sunflower 415-960-6780    12    userid  Xarchive     24   ~uucp/Xarchive/ls-lR.Z
This is the West Coast X Archives, for reasons of my sanity all uucp is thru a
free registered account. Send email to daisy!turner for more info.

warble    214-250-1764    12/24 anon               5p-5a /pd/src/all.files.list
We archive alt.sources, comp.sources.misc, comp.sources.unix (+ odds & ends)
all files are in the /pd/src directory and its sub-directories. All files are
16 bit compressed, max uucp time of 1 hr monitored by cron.

bigtex    512-346-2339    96    nuucp               24   /usr3/index
I'll make 60meg DC-600A tapes. All GNU software it stockpiled & kept current
(as much as possible).  Other ftp-able software such as sendmail or RCS is
available too.

This listing originated from cpmain.uucp. All information is current as of
the date of this posting. I assume no liability for its use or misuse.
Please send corrections to anon-uucp-list@cpmain.uucp. Send your comments
to mikej@cpmain.uucp.
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