[pubnet.nixpub] looking for access in metro Boston

dattier@jolnet.ORPK.IL.US (David W. Tamkin) (04/26/89)

A friend of mine in Somerville, Massachusetts (a Boston burb, close enough
to be in area code 617), is looking for net access.  He is not affiliated
with any of the universities or businesses that have sites in the area, and
Phil Eschallier's April 10, 1989, edition of the nixpub list shows no public
sites near Boston.

If you know of a true public access site in metropolitan Boston, please
follow up to pubnet.nixpub.  If you know of a corporate, university, or
private site that is a local call from Somerville and might allow him to
have a dial-up account for email and news, please email me.

Thanks much.

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