[pubnet.nixpub] alphacm/xbbs

sandy@conexch.UUCP (Sandford Zelkovitz) (07/22/89)

I have been getting many "uucp" mailings asking for the telephone information
on how to conenct to alphacm/xbbs. Since I posted this message on the "net"
in the past, I guess the messages were overlooked by many; therefore, I'll
post it again.

Data telephone number <8 line rotary>:  714-821-9671
Voice line:                             714-821-9670

The lines use Telebit TrailBlazer-Plus modems, model T2000; therefore,
19.2K/9600/2400/and 1200 baud are supported. < No 300 baud access >.

The system is running on a '386 computer using SCO Xenix386 version 2.3.2.

If you wish to send uucp mail, please use one of the following mail paths:

........!uunet!zardoz!alphacm!sandy          ........!sco!hermix!alphacm!sandy
........!att!hermix!alphacm!sandy            ........!lcc!alphacm!sandy

Sanford <sandy> Zelkovitz