[pubnet.nixpub] Unix World 'resource' listing

evan@telly.on.ca (Evan Leibovitch) (07/24/89)

The August 1989 issue of Unix World boasts a 'Unix resources directory'.

So it claims.

Being part of an organization which should have been listed but wasn't
(/usr/group/cdn, a Canadian Unix user group), and another organization
which was listed, incorrectly (did you folks know that the Nixpub listing
is actually a list of "Pubnet Bulletin Boards"?), I wonder who else thinks
this compilation may accomplish more harm than good?

Having a list of "Unix books" which leaves out the most basic and
fundamental Unix books of all - the nine-volume AT&T manual set
published by Prentice-Hall - makes me wonder about its completeness.
Not to mention that it lumped all the Nutshell books in a single
listing. (Can you imagine a single entry for the "Addison-Wesley Unix

And I must wonder about the accuracy of the rest of other descriptions in
a piece that sums up the Free Software Foundation as a place that "provides
cloned Unix software for the price of copying the software."

While we're at it, "How to be a Cool Unix Dude" was a very unfunny
piece of crap, and also incorrect. The geek stereotype is alive and well,
and being encouraged by this drivel.


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