[pubnet.nixpub] Public Access Unix Site

scott@zorch.SF-Bay.ORG (Scott Hazen Mueller) (01/04/91)

Z O R C H  ---  SF Bay Public-Access Unix

Zorch is on the air for public access with 4 user dialin lines! All numbers
begin with 408-996-73xx.  58 is 2400 bps; 61, 78 and 86 are 1200 bps.

Zorch provides a number of network-related facilities:

	+ access to Unix at the shell level with your choice of Bourne
	  shell, C-Shell or Korn Shell;

	+ use of rn, trn or nn to access all of Usenet;

	+ Elm, Berkeley Mail or Mush to access inbound and outbound
          electronic mail with smart routing;

	+ direct access to a 90+ megabyte Usenet source archive;

	+ kermit, xmodem and zmodem for file upload and download;

	+ online manual pages for news and all of the standard Unix utilities;

	+ games if you want to play them;

	+ and a system administrator with over 3 years experience running
	  a Usenet site.

We request that you pay a small monthly fee to help defray our expenses for
phones and power.  Complete information on rates and access policies is
available online.  To sign up, dial in on any of the above numbers and login
as 'newuser', password 'public'.

Dial in now and get a free 10-day trial period.