[uw.csc] Bill Gates in Waterloo

csc@watmath.waterloo.edu (Ted Timar) (01/10/89)

		       The University of Waterloo
			 Computer Science Club 
			  is happy to present 

	   		     WILLIAM GATES 



			  who will talk about 

		"Future Goals and Directions of Microsoft"

			Friday, January 20, 1989
				5:00 p.m.

			University of Waterloo
			  Theatre of the Arts

giguere@watcsc.uucp (Eric Giguere) (01/10/89)

In article <23035@watmath.waterloo.edu> csc@watmath.waterloo.edu (Jim Boritz) writes:
>	   		     WILLIAM GATES 
>	    	       		   of 
>	    		       MICROSOFT

I heard rumours last term that the CSC was taking Billy out to lunch
before his talk... is that true?

...And while I'm here, what groups are currently being downloaded to
watcsc?  I was hoping to catch up on comp.sys.amiga......

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