[uw.csc] ACM Programming Contest

tbvanbelle@watcgl.waterloo.edu (Terry Van Belle) (09/19/89)

One of the many things the Computer Science Club intends to do this
term is to send a team to the ACM Programming Contest.  This
prestigious event occurs in November, so we are going to be rather
pressed for time.

We are having an organisational meeting for anybody who is interested
in competing &&/|| planning, on Monday, 25 Sept. @ 17h00 in the CSC
office (MC3036/7). We need people who are good at hacking, algorithms,
and optimising programmes, and who can do back flips.

NOTE: We're also looking for a faculty advisor. If you want to be one,
please reply to this message.

Terry Van Belle
Trevor Green
Computer Science Club - Programming Contest Committee