[icus.general] Winter 1990 USENIX: UNIX pc BOF -- Call for participation ...

lenny@icus.islp.ny.us (Lenny Tropiano) (12/05/89)

It's that time of the year already.  In approximately 6-7 weeks away, 
Winter 1990 USENIX will be held in Washington DC.   For those who don't 
have registration information, and wants it, call the USENIX office 
at (714) 588-8649.   USENIX Technical Conference is being held at 
the Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington DC, January 22nd through January 26th.

Since the BOF at the Summer '89 USENIX that I hosted went very well, I
decided to have one at the Winter '90 USENIX.   Gil and I will be down
there ... and we have a bunch of ideas we'd like to discuss during the
BOF.   There hopefully will be software demostrations (of some software
that is being developed), as well as, other software and hardware related

This is a "CALL FOR PARTICIPATION" ... if you have something you want
to present, discuss, or have discussed, please email me your ideas:
(lenny@icus.islp.ny.us).   As it gets closer and closer to USENIX, I'll
formally post the actually date and time of the BOF, as well as some
of the things we're going to try to cover.

One other piece of business that needs to be sorted out is the availability 
of an UNIX pc/3B1 for demostration purposes (as well as the customary
software swapping...).   Alex Crain and Howard Motteler were kind enough
to drag hardware to the BOF (when it was held in their home town, Baltimore).
Maybe I could *impose* again on them if they are going to travel the hour away
to Washington DC?   If not, and someone else is going to be there and would
like to offer their machine -- please contact me ASAP.

We'd bring a machine, but most likely Gil and I aren't going to travel
by car (since it's a six hour drive)...   We will though bring other
hardware (easily packed away) like a Voice Power board (necessary for
some software demos), and possibly other appropriate UNIX pc hardware.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!! 

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