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               Frequently asked questions about the AT&T UNIX PC
                  (Questions ONLY for ease of answer search)

       (See FAQs Part 1 and Part 2 for complete answers to the following 

       Last updated: Thu Sep 27 19:10:00 EDT 1990
		     by Lenny Tropiano, ICUS Software Systems,


 1. What are the AT&T UNIX PC, PC7300, and 3B1?  Which do I have?
 2. I mailed the card to AT&T and did not get my Personal Calendar program.
 3. How do I park the hard disk heads before moving the machine?
 4. How do I open the case?  How do I get to the motherboard (for the
    suggested preventive cleaning out of the "dust bunnies")?
 5. How can I put in a larger hard disk drive?  Will this increase the speed
    of my machine?  What is the largest disk possible in the UNIX PC?
 6. I heard about something called THE STORE! that contains archived 
    UNIX PC software, how can I access it?
 7. The On-Board Modem (OBM) does not work with some other modems.
 8. What is the operating system?  Its origins?
 9. What third-party hardware is available?
10. a) I'm trying to set up a printer on my UNIX PC using the lpadmin(1M)
       and accept(1M) command, but they aren't working -- no messages at 

    b) All the jobs on the printer are always followed by a formfeed (FF).

    c) I cannot send bitmapped images to the printer correctly.

11. Can I put a 68881 math coprocessor in my machine?  I saw AT&T had
    one for the UNIX PC?

12. Where can I get GCC and G++ for the UNIX PC?  Has someone already ported
    it?  (Also see item #40)

13. Has someone ported X-windows to the UNIX PC? What's MGR?  What can it do
    for me?

14. How can I get a full 360K when I format a MSDOS floppy on the UNIX PC,
    normally I just get 320K?   Are there better utilities to manipulate
    files to and from UNIX and MSDOS floppies?

15. My archives are old (archivelib.a) reports that is it's a 5.0 archive,
    and it doesn't link (ld) very well with my other archives.

16. How do I get my on-board modem to only be a dial out modem, and not
    answer?  (I share my voice line!)

17. Does my on-board modem support 2400?  I see stuff in the /usr/include
    files that reference 2400 baud internal modem?

18. What do the LED's mean on the left side of my machine (through the grill
    or grating?)

19. Can I really get 4MB of memory, even with a 1.5MB combo card, 512K RAM 
    card, and 2MB of RAM on the motherboard?

20. I'm getting all kinds of HDERRs in my /usr/adm/unix.log file.  What
    should I do?  I also see from time to time lots of FDERRs (or
    possibly TPERRs), what are those?  (regarding FDERRs also see #41)

21. Can I hook up a 3.5" 720K floppy drive to my UNIX PC?  How about
    a 1.2MB or 1.44MB floppy drive?   Can I run both the 3.5" drive and 
    the 5.25" drive on my machine somehow?

22. I've heard bad things about the stock 12VDC fans?  Should I add another?
    Replace it with an 120VAC fan?  I hear my fan is going from low to 
    high speed sometimes -- what is this?

23. My machine is booting over and over?  It keeps complaining that 
    Stored Files are being checked, and then it reboots.

24. The stock uucp with the UNIX PC is the pits, where can I get HDB?
    (HoneyDanBer UUCP).

25. What is OSU-CIS?  Is everything archived there?  How do I connect to it?

26. Who supports these machines?  Are there any user groups that I can

27. Where can I get my machine serviced?  Fixed?  

28. My clock stopped?  What's wrong?

29. I have a X number of floppy disk backup with all of my hard disk 
    on it, and I tried to restore it, on one of the floppies in the 
    middle I got a "Out of phase -- get help" message, what can I do??

30. How can I get my machine to ask what load device and what program
    to boot from?

31. How do I get multiple login windows? 

32. Is there such a thing as Floppy UNIX?  Can I run my machine that
    way and do things like filesystem checks (/etc/fsck)?

33. My machine hung at the boot message:

               Version #.##x
               Real memory      = #######
               Available memory = #######
               Main board is P3...P5

    (NOTE: Main board could also be P5.1 if your machine was upgraded)

    What can I do?  Do I need to reload everything??

34. I heard the UNIX PC isn't the most secure machine?  How can I make
    it a bit more secure?

35. What the heck is a +IN suffix on a file?

36. I heard there was some hidden mode in the diagnostics for expert users
    only?  What is it?  How do I get it?  How do I become an expert?

37. I turned on my UNIX PC and all I have is a "green screen".  What can
    I do?

38. I turn on the machine and I hear the hard disk and fan, but I have no

39. After installing the Development Set, but there are no include header
    files in /usr/include/*?  What gives?

40. Why with GCC (GNU C compiler) available for the UNIX PC, and in
    particular there are pre-compiled binaries for it, why do I need
    the development set (which is hard to come by in the first place)?

41. I'm receiving a lot of floppy access errors (FDERR) when I format, or
    when I try to access the floppy drive for write.  What's the problem 

42. I'm running rn(1) from the on-board modem device (/dev/ph[0 or 1])
    and it's coming up with.

    		Can't open /dev/tty.

43. Can I do more than uucp(1) or cu(1) with my STARLAN boards?  Can I hook 
    the STARLAN to Ethernet? 

44. Can I run SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol) on my UNIX PC?

45. I'm having trouble configuring my Hayes compatible external modem on
    the UNIX PC?  How do I do it?  

46. What are the consequences of "fsck -s" (salvaging the freelist)?

47. What does the option to "dismount -s" do?

48. What's /etc/update?  What does it do? 

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