[triangle.wizards] Help linking new widgets to toolkit

aw@hamlet.cs.duke.edu (Angus Wang) (09/03/88)

  I am working with X Windows(Ver.11 Rel.2), trying to write a widget
of my own to incorporate with the Xtoolkit.  I am hoping to find
someone out there with such knowledge and experience  AND would
be willing to correspond with me via Email about this process.  So
far I've followed what little help appears in the X Toolkit Intrinsics
manual about the public '.h', private '.h' and '.c' files. Everything
appears to be where they belong and my widget specific routines
compile & run fine as stand-alone.  I would like to hook it into the
toolkit so that I can make composite widgets and use mine with command
buttons & a text widget.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated and I will try my hardest
not to be a bother with volumonus amounts of mail.
Department of Computer Science, Duke University, Durham, NC 27706
	UUCP :  decvax!duke!aw 	  CSNET:  aw@duke 
	ARPA :  aw@cs.duke.edu