[triangle.wizards] what is "iinit" error

bmh@unc.cs.unc.edu (Brad Hemminger) (12/02/89)

I'm getting a 
	panic: iinit
that crashes the system when it's trying to boot. Specifically, I have a Vax 
11/730 system that I'm unable to get going.  In the boot process it does

    Rebooting Unix...
    UNIX 4.3 (XXXXXXX) #1: Tue Dec 1 17:15:48 PST 1987
    each of the devices in the config are probed, 

then it does the
    panic: iinit
and tries to dump to disk; right before it would start up the rc script. 
(i.e. it never gets to the message)
    Automatic reboot in progress... 

So it's probably in the init process?  However, I'm am unable to find "iinit"
in the source code (grep'ed  all the kernal source stuff).

   Brad Hemminger
   Dept of Radiology