[uk.sources] Mac Binaries in the UK - new solution!

phil@mva.cs.liv.ac.uk (08/25/88)

Attention all UK people interested in Mac Binaries.  For some time now, it
has been apparent, that a number of sites occasionally lose parts of
postings of multi-part binaries.  This, plus the amount of delay involved in
getting binaries posted to comp.mac.binaries has resulted in the following
suggested course of action.  MICROS@UK.AC.LANCS.VAX1 act as a repository for
Mac Binaries, and is therefore the best place to look if you lose part of a
multi-part posting.  They will attempt to get missing parts directly from
the USA.  In future, if you lose a part of a multi-part posting, check out
Lancs.  In order to alleviate the delays in comp.binaries.mac all budding
binaries should be sent to me (address following).  I will check them out,
and then forward them to uk.sources newsgroup (and also to Lancs).  This
hopefully gives us in the UK a better service than we have up to the
present time.
   The following people are involved in the proposed solution:
      John Pearce (ucl)  obtain good copies from ARPA
      Alan Phillips (Lancs)  archive stuff and call John where needed
      Phil Jimmieson (Liverpool) moderator uk mac binaries
      Nigel Perry (Imperial)  man who set the whole thing going

  If you wish to make your opinions known on this subject, then contact me at
the address following this note.  If all goes smoothly, the system will start
to work as soon as I get Mac binary postings from UK people (Binhexed/Stuffed/
Packed etc.).
There has been a slight delay in getting this posting up, mainly caused by 
our Department investing in new equipment and binning the old, and a disruption
in our NEWS service, which lasted for a fortnight.  Hopefully there will be no
further problems...

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