[uk.sources] Uk Mac Binaries. 2 hypercard stacks...

phil@mva.cs.liv.ac.uk (09/20/88)

Here we are again.  Two new items for uk.sources.  These are both
Hypercard stacks.  As usual, the binaries are posted only to uk.sources,
this announcement is posted to comp.sys.mac and uk.sources.
These will also be archived at Lancaster  (uk.ac.lancs.vax1 - user MICROS
password MICROS).

If anyone with an archive in the USA would like copies of these things
(as long as it's someone that I can post to) then let me know.  We may be
able to set up some way for those of you over there to get these things.

Hypercard Stack Descriptions follow...

Talker Stack. This stack provides an interface to MacinTalk. Included
are cards to teach/demonstrate MacinTalk and a simple "Speak and Spell"
demonstration. Stack and XCMD's are FreeWare.

Resource Manager Stack. This does for XCMD, XFCN, ICON and snd's what
Font/DA Mover does for FONT and DA's. Stack and XCMD's are FreeWare.

>Author: Nigel Perry                          Department of Computing
>                                             Imperial College
>Janet: np@uk.ac.ic.doc                       London
>DARPA: np%uk.ac.ic.doc@ucl-cs                SW7
>Uucp:  np@icdoc.UUCP, ukc!icdoc!np           England

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