[uk.sources] European Mac Binaries - new group needed?

phil@mva.cs.liv.ac.uk (10/04/88)

Recently, an attempt has been made to solve the delay in processing of
Macintosh Binaries by the comp.mac.binaries moderator suffered particularly
by NEWS users in Europe.  The intention was also to solve the problem of
missing or "munged" parts of multi-part Binary postings.  As an experiment, I
have been acting as moderator and any suitable items produced in the UK/Europe
have been posted to uk.sources with announcements going to both comp.sys.mac
and uk.sources.  A number of people have contacted me about this and raised a
number of points.

1) Mac Binaries are not sources and so should not be posted to uk.sources
2) uk.sources is not available from certain sites (in the UK and Europe)
3) A moderated newsgroup would be the best group for such postings

A number of suggestions have been made and I present them here for your

1) Create a new (moderated) newsgroup called eunet.mac.binaries or somesuch.
[Using the existing moderated newsgroup is not possible since it already has
a moderator.]

2) Re-name uk.sources to uk.mac.binaries since it seems only to be used for
such postings.

3) Create eunet.binaries and use such a group for all European Binaries. (for
all the well-known machines?)

4) Missing parts of Mac Binaries could be received from the USA manually
and posted to the new group for the Europeans who missed them.

If the concensus of opinion is for the formation of a new group then what
should it be called?  I await your comments.

on a slightly different note...   
The Binaries that are currently posted to uk.sources are shortly to be
forwarded to archives in the USA so that they may be accessed from there
too.  I have already had several offers from archive sites and am looking
at getting connections to them sorted out.

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