[uk.sources] ``Amd'' - An Automounter

jsp@doc.ic.ac.uk (Jan-Simon Pendry) (01/13/90)

``Amd'' 5.1c is now available.  This contains several important
bug fixes to the previous 5.1b release.  Bug fixes and changes
to this release will be notified in comp.sources.bugs.
Most notable changes since release 5.1b are:

* no more ESTALE errors after Amd has timed out a mount point.

* amq can now obtain more information on Amd's internal state.

* Alliant FX and Encore Multimax support added.

* race conditions have been fixed in the link and direct filesystem types.


Here is an update of the original release note:

Amd is a value-added replacement for the SunOS 4 automount(8)
program.  Though based on that program in spirit, it contains no
proprietary UN*X source code.

Amd is NOT in the Public Domain.  It is distributed under terms
similar to the Berkeley Networking release.

The version being distributed is release 5.1c.  Versions distributed by
Berkeley will have a BSD SCCS Id.  Versions distributed by me do not.
Check the time stamps to determine the lineage.

Amd is believed to work correctly on Sun-3's (SunOS 3.5 and 4.0),
Sun-4's (SunOS 4.0), HP-9000/300 (HP-UX 6.x & MORE/bsd), IBM RT PCs
(AOS 4.3), VAXen (Ultrix 2.2, 3.0 & MORE/bsd), Mac-II (A/UX), Acorn
Archimedes (RISC iX), Encore Multimax (Umax 4.3) and Alliant FX/4
(Concentrix 5.0.0).  It may work on other UN*X variants -- please feel
free to try a port, but be sure to send me a record of the changes you
had to make.

Amd can be obtained through any of the following channels (some of
this has changed since the previous release):

1.  On the Internet Amd is available via anonymous FTP from host
    usc.edu, file "/pub/amd/amd.tar.Z".  The LaTeX documentation is
    also available preformatted in PostScript in the file

2.  In the UK on JANET or PSS via Public NIFTP from host
    uk.ac.ic.doc.src file "<AMD>amd.tar.Z".  The documentation is
    also available in PostScript in the file "<AMD>amd-doc.PS.Z".

3.  Within the UK *only* via email from info-server@doc.ic.ac.uk.  Send
    a message with the body:
	request: sources
	topic: amd
	request: end

4.  On EUnet Amd is available from mcsun.eu.net:
4a. On InterEUnet Amd is available via anonymous FTP from
    host mcsun.eu.net, file "comp/unix/amd-".
4b. Dutch users *only* can pick it up via UUCP from site hp4nl,
    file "comp/unix/amd-".
4c. Other EUnet users will have to ask their national backbone site to
    fetch it either by FTP or UUCP from mcsun.

5.  Amd has been submitted to comp.sources.unix for posting sometime in

6.  Elsewhere - I guess you need to ask someone covered by 1-5 to get
    you a copy.

Tape distributions are available within the UK - more details from the

Please forward *all* bug reports to Jan-Simon Pendry by email
<jsp@doc.ic.ac.uk> or <..ukc!icdoc!jsp> quoting the details of the
release and your configuration, which can be obtained by running the
command "amd -v".  Thanks.

The documentation has been updated since the previous release but is
still in need of a rewrite.  If you have any questions do not hesitate
to send email.

The Amd configuration language compiler will be released in due course
(it does exist).