[houston.general] Looking into buying an Amiga -- want info

erict@flatline.UUCP (j eric townsend) (07/20/88)

Well, the time has come for me to get an Amiga, so it seems, however
I'm not sure which model I should get. I do know that I'd like to
spend ~$1000.

What I want out of it:
Well, I used to have a C64 (back in the "ole days"), now I have
an AT&T 3b1.  I'd like something between the two: great graphics/video
capabilty, a wide range of programming languages and high-power
utilities/applications, and multi-tasking.  I know I *want* an
Amiga in general, I'm just not sure which model's right for me.

peter@sugar has suggested that I get a new 500 w/ 1Mb RAM, since
it will be compatible with the "new graphics chips".
How expandable is the A500?  It has the one slot, but how much
can I expand it down the road?  (Are the periphs for the slot generally
pass-thru, or do I get to put just one periph on the A500?)

I don't mind buying used equipment, however, and with the amount
of software that is already out for the 1000 (and my inability
to afford the latest gee-whiz stuff), it (the 1000) seems a
good idea also.

Also, would the Houston area folks recommend Amiga dealers in this

If you have a used Amiga that you might want to sell, drop a line
w/ all the details....  (If you have an A2000 and would like to trade
for a packed 3b1 w/lots of stuff let me know. :-)
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dwl10@amdahl.uts.amdahl.com (Dave Lowrey) (07/20/88)

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Of the three people I know that bought Amigi 500, two of them have upgraded
to the 2000.

The 500 is a great machine, but I guess they needed the expandability of the

For what it's worth.......


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