[houston.general] Starboard II, for sale.

peter@sugar.hackercorp.com (Peter da Silva) (07/19/90)

Brand new starboard II, in box with all associated paperwork, with upper deck
and 2 Meg of RAM. Used a total of 2 hours (long enough to convince me my PALs
need grounding or some such).

Basically, discovering the costs and risks of keeping my Amiga 1000 up to
date has finally convinced my wife to let me upgrade to something a little
bigger, but the store won't let me return the SBII (well, without charging
me an inordinate price for the privilege). The SBII and Upper Deck were $279,
and the RAM was $100/meg. Best offer that gives me a better deal than the
store takes the whole thing.
Peter da Silva.   `-_-'