[houston.general] HUGS needs officers!

jet@karazm.math.uh.edu (J Eric Townsend) (06/26/91)

People are leaving *and* it's time to elect officers -- what a coincidence.

Here're the positions we have and their duties:

President -- run meetings, insure that other officers are on schedule,
prevent duplicate work.

Vice President -- find speakers

Secretary/Treasurer -- take notes, keep track of our money (we don't
spend much, and we don't collect much more :-)

Newsletter -- put out the newsletter

Focal -- deal with Sun?

We have volunteers for a couple of these slots, but there's plenty
to do if you want to help out.

If you're interested in any of these, please drop me a line or show
up at our next meeting: July 9, 6pm, West Grey Birra Porettis (sic :-).

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