[ncr.general] Scan line lengths in image file formats

dgs@swdev.Waterloo.NCR.COM (David G. Schwartz (11/15/90)

I have been requested to look up information about image formats with
respect to standards on scan line length. Does there exist any standard
or convention that an image input device should pad the length of a scan
line to a byte, word or double-word boundary? I'm thinking specifically
about monochrome (i.e. 1 bit/pel) images. Microsoft says that Bitmaps
should have scan lines padded to LONG (32 bit) boundaries but is no help
otherwise. Is this representative of the industry?

Any information you may have or pointers to sources would be appreciated
(even just a "I'd like to know that too"). Please respond by Email and I
will summarize if there is any interest.

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