[comp.sys.northstar] Second call for discussion comp.org.Boston Computer Society

BPorter@world.std.com (Barry M Porter) (12/20/90)

This is the second call for discussion on creating a newsgroup for the Boston 
computer Society. The name of e group was tentitively to be comp.org.bcs, but
the name is up in the air so the group will not be confused with the British
Computer Society. The group will be unmoderated, and will serve as a focal
point for the BCS to communicate with computer users world wide. The BCS has 
interest groups for most PCs (both current and orphan) and many other special
interest groups covering topics like ham radio to database to email. 
It would be
a place for meeting notices, meeting transcripts, minutes of important
committee meetings and on line newsletters to be sent and shared with all
interested. In February, if the group gets created, we will possibly be able
to take on line membership info....There are many other interesting things,
like live meetings on line that can be done on internet and discussed in this
group. If you are interested and would like to support this effort, please post
your comments to news.groups with a copy to BPorter @ world.std.com thanks!