[psu.general] Expert Systems Shells Info wanted

UH2@PSUVM.BITNET (Lee Sailer) (06/02/88)

Here's you chance to help out some poor folk at a small college...8-)

I have two students who want to learn about expert systems.  One wants
to build a system that answers micro-economics questions---"The banana crop
fails, what happens to the price of apples?"---and the other will probably
do something in manufacturing.

I'm the "advisor".  I have lots of book knowledge about ES, but we don't have
any software here at this point.  I need pointers to useful systems and
advice.  We have msdos machines and Macintoshes, plus an odd Unix box or two,
and of course the ever popular IBM mainframe.

What we don't have is much money.

Advice gratefully accepted.